Confessions of a blabbermouth

Ok I admit it – I have loose lips, I would sink ships. Yet people feel compelled to tell me their secrets? Things they haven’t shared with anyone? What is all that about?

That was a rhetorical question as I know the answer:

1xNB+1xRPWLT = SPILLAGEMan made from yellow Lego

The ingredients are as follows:

  1. Take one nosey beggar – me
  2. Take one regular person who wants to be listened to
  3. Ask a question
  4. Actually LISTEN to the person (or at least look interested)
  5. VOILA – people spill their guts

Have I always been like this?

From an early age I have been interested in people, what makes them tick and also – SECRETS!  Those big shiny things that you couldn’t tell anyone. For some reason I liked them, liked having them and liked finding them out! about others!

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